Saturday, December 15, 2018

Big Blackfish

It's looking good for our blackfish trip next Saturday. Capt Steve had big fish all week, up to 12.2 lbs. I was aboard Friday and despite the rough seas the guys made a catch of blackfish, real four to six pounders with enough seven to nine pounders to make everyone think they had the pool winner. Lets get out there and get 'em.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Next Blackfish Trips

We have an open boat blackfish trip Saturday 12/22. We will also watch the weather and try on the weekend of 12/29-30.

Winding Down

The cold weather is taking it's toll on the inshore fishing. We tried for flounder the other day and my fishing partner caught two nice ones while I never had a bite. There was only two more landed by the other ten anglers on the pier. It was back to the beach yesterday and today, and we only had a few small bass at first light and then they shut off. The boats did well with the blackfish on calm weather days, and picked on others. Seems they don't like the wind. It looks like a little low pressure this weekend, and then moderating temperatures for next week. We will give the bass another try and have an open boat trip on Saturday 12/22 for blackfish.

Sunday, December 9, 2018


Saturday morning was 18 degrees and we passed on fishing to do chores. The boys on the boat had an offshore seabass charter and the 5 1/2 hour boat ride did not appeal to me. They caught a mess of true jumbo sea bass and a handful of white hake. This morning the thermometer showed 26 degrees and we headed to the beach. We usually don't go out on a weekend and were surprised to see the number of anglers out despite the frigid weather. I hooked and landed a fish on the third cast and my fishing partner had one come unbuttoned before it got too cold and we retreated to the truck. We took a ride to get some flounder bait and some mussels and an old-fashion smoked whiting for the football games. On the way home we stopped to check out the resident bald eagles and Oyster Creek was covered with ice. The fireplace sure feels good this afternoon.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Winter Fishing

We had a large group of kids on a class trip Thursday and found a bunch of schoolie bass up around the Hook. There were at least three whales also feeding on the bait to make the day more exciting. Friday morning we were back on the beach. The temperature was 26 degrees when we left the house, but there was no wind, making it comfortable. As the sun rose, we didn't have a single touch, other then a hickory shad and I only saw one bass landed. A big change from the last few days. Evelyn landed two schoolies in the calm surf and I only had one. Around 9am when I was ready to throw in the towel, I hooked a good fish that was putting up quite a battle. When I saw it's tail in the wash, I thought it may be coming home as a dinner guest, but the seven pounder measured out at twenty seven inches and went back to give the next angler a thrill. Back on 'em next week, I hope they stick around a while.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Cold, Snow and Stripes

Left the house in the dark and it was still dark at the beach. It was only 27 degrees with snow flurries but there was very little wind and it did not feel as cold as yesterday. The tide was up and the surf was clean and green.  We had to deal with some tackle malfunctions in the low light but once we got our s&@t together it was game on. As the sun rose so did the NE wind, making the fishing difficult in the falling tide. Lots of bites and releases and we left early before the snow started to fly. Catching striped bass seemed like a fitting way to honor former President George H.W. Bush on this National Day of Mourning.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Could it Be?

It looks like a prolonged period of calm wind and seas, without rain. The only draw back is cold temperatures but it is December. Ten releases from the surf this morning, back on 'em at sunrise.