Monday, November 5, 2018

Calm Seas Between Gales

Enough about the weather this season. The boat was out Saturday, trying to get offshore, and needless to say I was happy I was not onboard. Sunday was a different story. The striped bass fever spread far and wide, and trailer boats from PA were passing me on the highway. When I got to the marina, there were over twenty boats in line for the launch ramp. Well, we headed offshore on a calm ocean and away from the madness and set up fifteen miles out and the sea bass were hungry. We picked all day at nice big sea bass and only had a few dogfish, blues and porgies. A big trigger fish took the pool. The bluefin tuna are still around out there also. It was an odd nice day in between gales. The striped bass never did take hold along the beach as the water was churned up from the previous blow, but they did catch them up towards Sandy Hook. Them "Pennsyltuckians" should stick to deer hunting.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Striped Bass Fever

The Jersey shore is crazy over striped bass as many big ones were landed this week. On the other hand, we headed offshore in the wild west wind on Tuesday and cashed in on the sea bass bite. The fishing grounds fifteen miles offshore are loaded with big sand eels and all types of marine life are feeding on them. The 25 plus knot winds and strong current made fast and steep waves, and it was difficult fishing as you had to hang on to keep from being thrown about. The sea bass came up full of six inch sand eels, so rather then wasting time with bait, we switched to power bait tubes (gitzits), that we use for codfishing, and had a bucket full of large to jumbos in an hour. We were invited on a striper trip aboard an old and familiar boat on Thursday, but declined to go flounder fishing instead. It only took about forty five minutes to limit so we played catch and release until 9:30. Evelyn landed five and I had ten, but it was such a nice day, we headed to a local creek and threw out the crab traps and had lunch. A few runs produced nothing but empty traps, until one pull came up with four crabs in the trap, the only ones we caught. We were going to try the flounders again today, but the winds are gusting to thirty knots and it is wet outside, so we will take a pass and have flounder fillets stuffed with crab meat. The boys on the boat reported two striped bass to 27lbs, and some blackfish up to 7 lbs.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Fluke and Flounder

Started off the week looking for fluke again and only found a few as Sunday's strong NW wind seemed to blow all of the baitfish out of the bay. The relentless wind also caused us to cancel another off shore sea bass trip, but we heard of some flounder caught, so we took a ride to check it out. Only 33 degrees when we arrived Thursday morning and I thought we were making a mistake as we were alone on the pier under a full moon. Evelyn hooked up with a nice big flounder right away and it was game on, and we left with our limit as the pier began to fill with anglers. Friday we started out early again, and it took a while to get them going and the pier was getting crowded. Mark and JR met us there and we all took our limits out of a bunch landed and then the boys went to try for blackfish. Mark landed a keeper right away, and they were still getting bites as we headed home early for a nice fish dinner. We will see how things shape up this week as the strong nor'easter is moving away quickly and the seas just offshore are running 18 feet.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Good Fluke Fishing

Now, that's a headline you don't expect to see in the middle of October. There was frost on the truck when we left for the beach and the thermometer dipped to 31 degrees in the pine barrens. At the beach it was warmer and there was no wind. Lots of bait and some small blues were jumping as we walked out to the spot and it was game on until the tide went slack. Tiny bucktails with gulp on light tackle and we had constant bites from 13 to 15 inch fluke until the tide went slack. A try for blackfish saw a few 13 inchers and some dink sea bass. After lunch, we took the long way home, through the woods, to check out the cranberry farms. Lots of fun exploring on a perfect fall day. By the way, some of the guys are doing well with the blackfish from the inlets and the canal. I even hear the stripers are biting on the "Pioneer Banks."

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Changing Seasons

Today we were scheduled for a bluefish trip, but once again had to cancel due to gale warnings. I was looking forward to going as we would have had a chance to hook a bluefin tuna. Instead, the Crab Lady and I packed up our traps and poles and set up on a local pier. After an hour of being pummeled by the NW wind, we landed fifty blowfish and one crab and retreated to spot number two. Many crabs were caught but all were short except for three. Grilled blowfish tails on the menu. The local fish market has them for $10/pound.

Monday, October 15, 2018

What a Day

We headed out in the dark Sunday morning and steamed toward the beautiful sunrise on a flat calm ocean. A big crew was aboard from the Schuyler Ave. fishing club. There were boats everywhere, like it was the last day of summer. When we arrived on the fishing grounds, there were about 40 boats and over 70 when we left for home, like an in-water boat show! Even the old "Pioneer III" came by, looking for fish. It was one drop, one stop hauling all day. Some sea bass, a few blues, and all the biggest kind of porgies you could handle. Not those little inshore models, but the biggest kind, 16 to 18 inch jumbos. A porgy beat a jumbo sea bass for the pool! Two of us cutting all the way back to the dock and full bags.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Fishing Report

When there is not a hurricane or a gale, there are plenty of seabass and porgies 15 to 20 miles out. The bluefin tuna are also there.