Monday, May 21, 2018

What A Day!

We left the dock Sunday with a very light crew, not knowing what to expect after the week of rainy weather. The ocean was not bad, just a left over heave and the winds were light. A moderate current was running up into the wind and it took a little extra time to anchor. The bite was sluggish, with the current, but the anglers that figured out how to tease the fish to the baits started catching. It took a little fishing to get dialed in, but then it was game on, with many double headers and some nice, big, blue, green and purple knuckleheads. The box started to fill and soon it was time to head in with full fillet bags, back to the dock at 1 pm, and home in time to watch the Yankee game. Sea bass dinners, sandwiches, maybe a pot of chowder and some for the freezer. Nothing like a fresh fish dinner after the winter we had.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Spring, Fishing and Weather

I can agree with some bag and size limits, but I can't stand some of the "seasons", when the government tells you that you can't fish. There are plenty of fluke around now but you can't keep them. New York fluke season is open and the boats are catching. They let the commercial boats fish for fluke now, and they put a hurting on them before our season opens next week. There is no harm in keeping one or two now when they are here, but they extended the fluke season into late September this year, and everyone knows that if just one hurricane passes offshore, it's just a waste of time. The sea bass season opened yesterday and there are plenty around, but it was hard to get them to bite in a building south wind. That should get better after the new moon and a change in the weather. Speaking of weather, most of the state got pounded by strong storms yesterday. As the squall line approached the coast, I prepared for the worst. We actually observed rotation in the clouds over head, but as usual for this time of year, the cold waters of the ocean and Barnegat bay sucked the energy out of the system and just ate it up. All we had here was heavy rain, just like ringing out a wet towel. I am expecting a good catch this weekend when the winds return to a westerly direction.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Spring Has Sprung

It is finally looking like spring, everything is turning green with all the east wind and rain. Bass fishing was good for schoolies from the beach. Bluefish made an appearance last Wednesday, but have been hiding since the wind has turned to an easterly direction the past five days. Shark River is loaded with fluke, I saw some landed from shore yesterday. Don't forget, I will be running a sea bass trip for all my old Pioneer friends this Sunday 5/20.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Open Boat Sea Bass 5/20

Come on board and cash in on the hottest ticket in town. We have an open boat sea bass trip on Sunday, 5/20.

Fishing Report

We headed out Sunday with a light crew on a flat calm ocean. The water temperature was up to 50 degrees and there was life on every drop. The ling fishing was only a pick, we caught more blackfish then anything as well as some sea bass. Damien and Evelyn had keeper cod and Roger had a big, fat orange-belly ling that he declared was nothing good. What was he expecting, a Haddock? All went home with dinner, and the next open trip is for sea bass on 5/20.

Friday, April 27, 2018

We got an invite from an old friend, Capt Dave of the Tuna.Com, to fish aboard his new boat. We headed to Gloucester MA with the Skylarker crew, and had a trip to remember. Not only was the fishing outstanding,but we got to fish aboard a "fishing yacht" and had a ball reminiscing old times and catching up on life's events. The whales put on a show as we arrived on the fishing grounds and when we set anchor in 130 feet, it was game on. Many double headers and we were throwing back keeper sized fish, retaining only the largest. There is a prohibition on cod in the Gulf of Maine, and we could only keep haddock, but it was easy to reach the limit of twelve per person. I put on a jig and fly and had non stop action on cod and bigger haddock. I wanted to keep track of the number of cod I released, and landed thirty between five and fifteen pounds! We had so many fish we were back at the dock at one o'clock. Many thanks to Dave and Sandro for an excellent fishing experience. Check out the pictures on the facebook page.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Maybe it is Spring

We tried casting at the beach for a few hours this morning and it was cold as.... but warmed up quickly as the sun rose into the clear sky. I had a nice fluke that looked to be about seventeen inches or so follow my bucktail but did not bite. When I took the jig out of the water, it would turn and move back to the deep. I would cast right back there and it would follow the lure to my feet. And I was standing in the water. And it did this three times! Oh well, next time. Don't forget last chance for blackfish until fall, next Sunday, 4/29.