Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Recent Hilights

George D. had his personal best at 8 1/4lbs. Anthony R. had a "limit of lemons" including an 8lb. and 7 1/4lb. Damien R. had a limit plus to 61/2lb. and Skip landed a limit plus to 6lb. It's big fluke time.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Fishing and Baseball

I always said fishing is a lot like baseball. You can never predict the outcome, you just have to play the games. No one thought C.C. would out duel King Felix, or the Mets would beat the Cards in 18 innings after leaving 32 men on base. And how could you explain Rebecca landing our first limit of the season, while Roger, Mike, Cathy and "The Legend" having only one in their bag and Jiggin' Jack landing only shorts?

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tough Pickin's

The fluke fishing continues to confound the fleet. One day you catch a few and just when you think the bite may be turning on, they shut down. Thursday, the fish were active and we had a mix of shorts and keepers. Steve S. was high hook with four keepers. Friday started off with beautiful weather, but the fish did not bite. It was even hard to find shorts. We fished hard and managed a keeper or two for everyone. Mark S. won the pool with a five pounder.

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Beat Goes On

The same story, lots of shorts, fish in many places, and strong currents. I can't figure out why the current did not ease off after the full moon, but the strong currents in the deep water spots are messing up the fishing. We were picking some fish on an ocean spot and began to loose the drift. It was the end of the tide and I decided to try a deep spot less then a mile away and the drift there was 2.4 knots! When conditions get right, we should do well. "Jiggin'" Jack landed a 7 1/2lb. on a white bucktail and green gulp. Other weekend high-lites included Grumpy's 5lb. on a shrimp teaser and Tom P.'s huge 25 inch Sea Bass (estimated at over five pounds) from 15 feet of water that was released for this weeks opening day.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Grinding it Out

It's what good fluke fisherman are doing to make a catch. Putting in the time, hard work and patience are making the difference. Anthony "The Barker" shook off the "gug", and landed fish of 4lb. and 51/2lb. Rich E. had three in his bag and "Tugboat" Fred won the pool with a 6lb., the biggest of his three keepers. Even Ken "The-auuugh-Legend" managed to keep a couple on the hook all the way to the surface. Everyone went home with fish, but bait draggers usually go home hungry.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Holiday Weekend Highlites

It was a great weekend on the water and the fluke were biting. Friday, the same all-star fluke crew from last week came out again and went home with fillets. A nice mess of keepers covered the bottom of the cooler despite one of the best flukers on board having an off day, only catching shorts and talking to himself. Grumpy had the largest at 5lbs. and "The Legend" took the pool. Skip and the crew from HUMC had a happy Fourth on the fluke grounds, catching many shorts and enough keepers for some good dinners. Sunday was a beautiful summer day, and we found fluke in some spots we tried for the first time this year. The good news is the quality keepers are showing up, the jumbo size that fill the fillet bags. Evelyn had a 7.6lb, Rebecca landed a 6lb. and Cathy ended the day with a 4.75lb to add to all the others in the cooler. Roger caught a four-spot flounder (google it or look it up for you old timers) and after I explained to everyone what it was and pointed out the differences from other fish, he dropped down again to catch another one! We usually catch four spots offshore ling fishing, and never in any amount, but never in my many years on the water did I ever see anyone catch two in a row. That Roger is just a special guy.