Sunday, July 28, 2013

Slow Week but a Good Weekend

Most of the week was a struggle but Jack nailed three over 4lbs. on Friday. Lenny and his dad and friends and family had a fun day on Saturday. Everyone had a few nice fish up to 5lbs. but one particular angler seemed to know exactly how to catch the big ones and landed six big fluke with four of them over 5lbs. It was a true display of angling excellence. Sunday was dreary with an east wind and some light rain but the fish bit and Cathy had a limit up to 5lb.14oz. and Big Tom topped of his catch with a 6lb.10oz.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Nice Fluking

Sunday was just a nice day all around. We had light breezes, cool temps and steady fishing. I barely had enough time to eat lunch as I was constantly netting fish or taking them off the hooks. Plenty of keepers and a few weakfish to spice up the catch. No big Moes but with the amount of fish around, I think they may show up soon.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Settling in to Summer

Out on the bay there is usually a nice breeze to keep you cool and it feels better then being on the land. Not this week, it was HOT. Lots of water, even if you are not thirsty, is the trick to beating the heat. We are starting to see more shorts in traditional spots with enough keepers to make things interesting. The highlights of the week were a 22 inch sea bass that weighed in at just under 5lbs. and Scott's  five foot plus sturgeon we estimated in the fifty pound range. Joe N. had the biggest fluke at just over 5lbs. I am hoping to see the big stuff make their annual showing around next weeks full moon.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Strange Days

Friday was the best day of the season. Saturday was one of the worst. Capt. Fred had a limit plus with6lb 9oz being his largest. Joe N. had a plus limit also to 6lb 1oz. Evelyn limited to 5lb 12oz. and Ken "the legend" lead the way with a limit and our second largest of the year at 9lb 11oz. The next day the fish did not bite at all. Sunday the regulars picked away at a nice mess of keepers and a bunch of shorts and some weakfish. Roger had the biggest fluke at 7lb 1oz. Today the regulars came out looking for a repeat of Friday and the fish had lock jaw. Only a few keepers boated. The highlite of the day was a green sea turtle that came along side the boat for a visit. It makes no sense, you just have to be a little lucky to pick the right day.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Hot Summer Fluking

And hot it was. Some times I had to move the boat just to make a breeze! After a painfully slow day Wednesday, I went back to the same spots on the 4th and had good fishing. Ken the Legend topped off his limit with a 7lb.2oz. and Evelyn had a 5lb.14oz. and her limit. SAT. the all-star fluke crew was aboard with Anthony "The Barker", Damien, Skip, Mike "Mittens", Lenny and Joey the top deckhand on the CJ. Fluke flew over the rails all day and when the smoke cleared, Skip came out on top with a 5lb. just beating many fish almost the same size. Not the big Moe they were looking for but the hunt will continue! Sunday we were back at it with the regulars  and filled the cooler with fish up to 5lbs. Nice fishing in shallow water with lots of action. It seems like some bait moved into the area (I could read it on the scope) and the water cleared up after all the rain. This could be the start of something big.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Report

Saturday turned out to be a nice summer day for Tom K. and his son Keith and crew. We fished an outside spot and had a nice mix of shorts and keepers. I tried to repeat with the Sunday crew, but the ground swell from all the south wind seemed to shut down the bite. I moved to a different area and was surprised to find the current running harder then it did last week during the super moon. About this time the fog rolled in thick and we retreated to the inside spots and found some nice keepers to end the day. There are some fish around in a lot of different spots, we just have to have the right conditions to catch them.