Monday, September 29, 2014

Sunday Report

We headed out to the ocean in perfect weather and found loads of big porgies eager to bite. The crew caught all the jumbo 12 to 14 inch scup they wanted. Lots of fun on light tackle. Another great day on the water and a cooler full of fish.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall Fishing

Evelyn and I hosted my old friend Sal and the crew from the Bronx. We tried to catch striped bass with live eels and fresh bunkers ( caught that morning by Capt. Vinnie of Katfish Charters) and did not have a bite all day. That being said, we will try for ocean bottom fish until the blackfish season opens in the bay on October 5. It was good to see the guys (they have been fishing with me for over ten years) and we had fun despite the fact the storm put the bass off the bite.

Monday, September 22, 2014

The End of Seasons... Summer and Fluke

Some of my regular flukers that supported the "Pioneer III" this season came out for the last chance to keep a fluke, as it will be seven months until the season opens again! Friday we had to deal with a stiff NE wind that kept us pinned in the bay and fishing was slow. Saturday, Lenny treated Tom K. and the old crew from Bayonne to a fishing trip and the wind blew even harder. All we could manage was a few blues and some shorts. Sunday, we finally got out to the ocean and it was still a little messed up from all the wind. There was life in all the spots and it felt good to catch a few fluke again. Everyone caught shorts (Evelyn had eighteen) and Anthony "The Barker" once again put on a show, landing three keepers including a 4lb and 6lber. Thanks to all for a fun fluke season filled with quality fish and one of the nicest summers in years. We will try for striped bass or bottom fishing next week and then concentrate on blackfish for the fall season.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Sunday Report

Another slow day and adverse conditions, a stiff north wind up against the incoming tide. The wind cut down our mobility today and I could not fish some of the spots I wanted to try. There were plenty of pee-wee blues around but we were searching for fluke. It was a dismal, slow day for anyone aboard who was not named Ken. "The Legend" landed 3lb. and 5lb. keeper fluke and also had a 23 inch weakfish. The fluke season is winding down as it closes next week and we will try to get out to the ocean this week if the weather allows. One last chance, available this Friday, Saturday is sold out and Sunday, the last day of fluke 2014 has some spots open.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Friday Report

The day started with a brisk north wind that made for tough conditions. I tried a lot of different places and made the "loop" around the bay, but could not find any keepers. Shorts were caught in all spots, and some of them were tiny. Around 11AM, we retreated to calm waters, and the fish police stopped by, and told us they could not find a boat with fish onboard! In the afternoon the wind let up, so we headed back outside and started to get more bites. Jigging Jack connected with a 4lb. at 1:20PM to land the only keeper of the day. I think the fluke will get back to their biting ways on the weekend if we have better conditions.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Open Boat Availability This Weekend

I have two open spots for Saturday and one for Sunday. Call or e-mail. Only two weeks left in fluke season.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sunday Report

Full moon current and the wind in the same direction made for some tough conditions and we had to fish in different areas so we could hold bottom. Anthony "The Barker" started off with three keepers (including the 6 1/2lb. pool winner) early in the day and then lost his lucky jig on a snag. We had to fish through the shorts and fast current to catch almost everyone a few three to four pounders. Evelyn had three keepers to 5 lbs. and donated two to our friend Felix who is still on the disabled list. As for Roger, he declared after last weeks hot fishing that his freezer was full and he is not taking any more fish home this season and he was right. He hasn't caught any since. The "Legend" is another story. He and Derek Jeter have a lot in common. They both may be going into the Hall of Fame and right now they both stink.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Still Biting

You have to fish through the shorts (drop and reel at times) but some nice ones are still around. Joe N. had four keepers and the five pound pool winner and everyone had fillets to go home with. Only two weeks left in the season and the hot bite will continue until the next Nor'easter. Don't miss out.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Doormat

Monday, Evelyn and I hosted Ken "The Legend", Big Tom, brothers Skip and "Mittens" Mike, and Kevin and Jerry Keller from Keller Electric ,Hoboken, NJ. The weather was beautiful, flat calm with no wind or rain, maybe just a little too hot, but it is still summer. We started in the bay and quickly threw a half dozen keepers in the boat before heading to the outside grounds for "action". Anyone that fishes with me knows that the big fish do not bite all the time and that the shorts are much more aggressive and jump on the baits, while the keeper size fish are more selective. The crew picked some quality fish among the shorts and then we had a drift when the big ones turned on. Jerry hooked into a fish he thought was the bottom, and landed our first doormat of the season at just over 10lbs. Skip hooked into his personal best a few moments later to land an 8lb. to go with the 6lber. he landed earlier. Skip and Mike had eight keepers in their bag and everyone went home with fillets. Congratulations to Jerry for a job well done. There are three more weeks left in the fluke season and they are biting now. Take advantage of this great summer weather because as Ken says "you will be shoveling snow before you know it." 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Holiday Weekend Fluke

Friday was a beautiful day on the water and the fishing matched. Vinnie A. had a pair of 6lbers. in his bag and Joe N. topped off his catch with a 7 1/2lber. Evelyn also added a 6lber. Ken "The Legend" added a limit. Saturday was Freezer Filler day, as Evelyn and I hosted Roger, Eileen, Mike, Cathy, and Big John for their annual holiday trip. Some limits were achieved and Eileen was the star of the day, landing three fluke over six pounds. Mission accomplished with a full five gallon pail of fillets at the end of the day! Sunday we set out with hopes of a repeat only to be greeted with a stiff wind and rough seas. We got back to the grounds and could only find shorts. Lots of them. It was not hard to catch thirty to forty fluke a person this weekend. At the end of the day the keepers turned on and Evelyn landed a 6lber. on what turned out to be the hottest day of the entire summer.