Monday, September 8, 2014

Sunday Report

Full moon current and the wind in the same direction made for some tough conditions and we had to fish in different areas so we could hold bottom. Anthony "The Barker" started off with three keepers (including the 6 1/2lb. pool winner) early in the day and then lost his lucky jig on a snag. We had to fish through the shorts and fast current to catch almost everyone a few three to four pounders. Evelyn had three keepers to 5 lbs. and donated two to our friend Felix who is still on the disabled list. As for Roger, he declared after last weeks hot fishing that his freezer was full and he is not taking any more fish home this season and he was right. He hasn't caught any since. The "Legend" is another story. He and Derek Jeter have a lot in common. They both may be going into the Hall of Fame and right now they both stink.

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