Monday, September 30, 2013

Fluke Finally

We went right back to the fishing grounds and did not find the life like the past few trips. The bait was there but the fish were gone. Mike M. threw a keeper in the boat but then it was only a few sea robins and shorts. The east wind against the ebb tide made the drift a little snappy, so I headed to sheltered waters. We found a mix of shorts, some sea bass and a couple of keepers as the fluke season ended with a whimper.

Friday, September 27, 2013

A Screeching Halt

It's amazing once the weather gets a little cold, no one want's to go fishing. Well at least I got the oil changed this week. The word on the street is that Al Ristori caught and released a twelve pound fluke on Wednesday, right where we have been fishing! Oh well, I wasn't going to sit around on a nice day so it was off to the woods. The first three fish were small mouth bass and I finished the morning with three nice rainbow trout. Stocking starts in two weeks, I can't wait!

Monday, September 23, 2013

The end of summer...

Saturday was the last day of summer and Tom K., Keith, Larry, Paul, Maz, and "Staten Island" Tony had a fun day on the fluke grounds. I stopped in the bay where we have been fishing and found it devoid of life.  The forecast was for winds gusting to 25 knots and I was reluctant to run outside but we did and were greeted with working birds over schools of bait. The guys had fun catching blues and a few nice fluke and we got the day in before the wind came around noon time. Sunday was the first day of fall and it felt like it. I ran out to the ledge with the intentions of staying there until the NW wind forced us into sheltered waters. Loads of life and not another boat in sight. We caught blues, weaks, hickory shad, sea robins of the biggest size and FLUKE. Mike M. had a limit of nice fluke, Ken the legend had a couple up to five pounds and Big Tom also had a couple along with all the other stuff. We left the grounds at 1:40 with a cooler full of fish.

Monday, September 16, 2013

A Nice Late Summer Day

When we arrived at the park before 6am, it was still dark and the temp was 49 degrees. It was a taste of fall, both the weather and the fishing. We found some nice fluke and some bluefish, striped bass and weakfish to spice up the catch. Jack had a six pound fluke to narrowly beat Ken the Legend for the pool. Other highlights included Big Tom being hi-hook with three large fluke, five blues and a just short striped bass. Evelyn caught us a nice fluke for dinner that I can't wait to make with some of the fresh  produce we bought at the farmer's market. Joe N. had a good fluke and the largest weakfish, about five pounds. Roger had a big fluke that came unbuttoned half way up. Rebecca did not loose any rigs today, a first for the season. It was warm and sunny back at the dock, a fine end to the summer.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hot Wednesday

It wasn't bad on the bay, but back at the dock was ugly, as hot as last July. The fluke are moving out and it requires a lot of searching to make a catch. Capt. Marty on the CJ found them in the afternoon and we were able to send everyone home with fish. We should get at least another week out of them. I am keeping the boat in for Friday due to the breezy forecast. The wind will cut down our mobility  searching different areas. Sold out for the weekend, looking good for next week.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Still Some Around

The strange season continues. Deep water spots and the channels are a waste of time. We are finding our best fishing in shallow spots. Sunday we had a bunch of blues, some short bass and quality fluke on the local grounds. As long as the weather holds out, we should have some fluke until the season ends.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I'm Back

Skip and I went fishing out in the canyon aboard the Voyager. Lots of mahi- mahi on the pots. Skip lost a white marlin and the only tuna. Now that I got that out of my system, it's back to work, searching for the elusive fluke.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Holiday Weekend

Friday's fishing was pretty good. Frankie and St. Pete each had a limit including Pete's six pound pool winner. Saturday saw Robert N. and his crew from Jersey City have a fun day and everyone took home fillets. Sunday's fishing was slower as the fish stopped biting in a southerly swell. Ken the Legend had the pool with a fish just shy of six pounds and Evelyn had a couple more big fish for us to put in the freezer. (Sometimes I think that Roving Reporter guy fishes on a different boat.) Monday was an interesting day as Evelyn and I hosted Roger's annual trip. The weather was a little foggy and there was some rain in the area. I decided to fish locally and it was a good move as we had lots of fun catching sea bass, sea robins, striped bass, bluefish, weakfish and the target species, big fluke. Big John had three up to five pounds and Mike M. had two that went around seven pounds each. We came in with the bottom of the cooler covered in fish just before the thunder and rain.