Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Holiday Weekend

Friday's fishing was pretty good. Frankie and St. Pete each had a limit including Pete's six pound pool winner. Saturday saw Robert N. and his crew from Jersey City have a fun day and everyone took home fillets. Sunday's fishing was slower as the fish stopped biting in a southerly swell. Ken the Legend had the pool with a fish just shy of six pounds and Evelyn had a couple more big fish for us to put in the freezer. (Sometimes I think that Roving Reporter guy fishes on a different boat.) Monday was an interesting day as Evelyn and I hosted Roger's annual trip. The weather was a little foggy and there was some rain in the area. I decided to fish locally and it was a good move as we had lots of fun catching sea bass, sea robins, striped bass, bluefish, weakfish and the target species, big fluke. Big John had three up to five pounds and Mike M. had two that went around seven pounds each. We came in with the bottom of the cooler covered in fish just before the thunder and rain.

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