Saturday, August 27, 2016

Still Getting it Done

The fishing has been a struggle as you have to fish through endless sea robins and little fluke. Patience has been paying off and those that work at it go home with some nice fillets. "Tugboat" Fred had a6 1/2lb. and 5lb. in his catch yesterday and everyone managed a keeper or two. It is the time of year when the fluke begin to move offshore but they will hang around into the fall if we don't get any big storms.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Working Hard to Make a Catch

Last Sunday, I saw some nice fluke landed in the fleet, but my crew could only catch ping-pong paddles. They did manage a dozen keepers, but none over five pounds. Monday the crew from the mountains were on the Skylarker and "Tugboat" Fred landed seven nice keeper fluke and some sea bass. On Friday, he only caught one keeper on the last drift. The "Legend", Mark S., and The "Barker" all had a fluke over six pounds in their bag. Joe N. landed three, including  a 6lb. and an 8 1/2lb. to take the pool. Saturday was family day, as we had Skip, Pav, "Mittens" Mike, and The brother and sister team of Mike and Ava. The young anglers showed the old goats how to do it as, Ava, on her first trip aboard The Pioneer, landed our second doormat of the season at 29 inches and 10lbs. It was the biggest of her four keepers. Good luck in high school. Little Michael had two nice keepers and helped me steer the boat and net the two keepers I landed. Pav had a 6lb., his largest of the season and no one cared! Four trips in a row with everyone landing at least one keeper and some heavy fillet bags going up the ramp.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

Man, it's been hot and the fishing is a grind. Everyone has been going home with dinner, but it ain't easy. Roger recently worked a limit and the "Legend" had a 6lber. yesterday that made for a nice dinner. Tom Kaye was the angler of the day Friday. He had a 5lb. and 8lb. in his catch of four keepers, and tied for the pool with his buddy Chet, who started the day with an 8lber. Jigs and Gulp are producing the best results.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Hunting Big Fluke

We caught some beauties on the Pioneer Banks the past few trips, but the new moon current turned off the bite and fishing was slow. I tried to go to some of the other spots that had been good to us this summer, only to find them covered with every party boat in the area! The boats were all railed and they all had their own entourage of paparazzi mopping up every short in the bay. The "Legend" declared no more shorts, so we went back to hunting doormats. Our good friend, Tommy O landed our first true doormat of the season, a 10lber, that almost jumped in the boat. Joe N. followed with a 8 1/2lb and lost a bigger one at the whistle. We will be on the Hunt for Big Moe, we know he's out there.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Fluke and Rain

Friday we cancelled our trip due to heavy downpours. I am glad we did as it lead to some street closures and would have made for some tough traveling. Sunday, the rain was still in the forecast but the fluke did not mind. Grumpy started off the show by landing an 8lber. Mike M, added another 8lb. on the next drift. "Jiggin' Jack" took the pool with a 8 1/4lber., Roger had a 7 1/4 lber. and Big Tom landed a limit. Lots of nice fluke and some blues in the mix on rainy morning.