Friday, February 20, 2015


Yes, it's cold. But if you read or watch media accounts of the weather, you would think it has never happened before. They never disappoint with their sensationalism. I was checking on the ice in local waters a came upon a main stream media account of "glacier" ice in Chesapeake Bay. "Glacier"? We haven't had a "glacier" in 10,000 years! Well nothing like truth in reporting. Where is Brian Williams when you need him? Well anyway, the temperature this morning in Yellowstone National Park was warmer than St. Augustine, Florida and we have the most ice I have seen on the bay in about twelve years.

Monday, February 16, 2015

President's Day

Man, it's cold. Most of the state has single digit readings, with the Skylands region showing below zero temperatures. There is a moderate amount of ice in the harbor, less then you would think, but I would expect it to get heavy as snow and continued cold weather is forecast. Some cool birds have been around. There are Bald Eagles in the Meadowlands, and many hawks down the park and along the waterfront. We had a short eared owl flying low along the fields looking for a meal as well as a male Northen Harrier, a "grey ghost", very cool to see. The fishing has been good in the freezer and on television. Nothing like fluke salad and crackers while watching "Wicked Tuna" re-runs. Well, it won't be long now as I heard four of the most beautiful words ever spoken this week, "Pitchers and Catchers Report."

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Winter Doldrums

Not much to talk about other then the snow in Boston. They have had over SIX FEET of snow in the last two weeks. Dig the car out? Yeah, you would have to dig yourself out of the house and then find the car. And where could you go anyway? I feel sorry for those people and I am grateful as it is only 250 miles and a four hour drive from here. Capt. Steve ran the J2 last weekend and scraped up a few cod, but who knows when any one will be able to fish again as we are bracing for some of the coldest weather yet this winter. The forecast is for about five days with below freezing temperatures and lows in the single digits. Well some sure signs of spring are showing up. We saw the first red-winged blackbird the other day, about a week early. And don't forget the pot holes. They are popping up all over, just like the daffodils will in a few weeks.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Blackfish Video

Not much going on these days with all the snow, cold and wind. NJfishing has an interesting video posted of a recent blackfish trip out of Cape May. One of the anglers dropped a Go Pro down on what appears to  be a small wreck where they were catching some nice blackfish. The tog could be seen milling about and cruising over the wreckage, but most of the fish, the ones that appeared to be feeding, are in the SAND off to the side of the wreck. The footage clearly shows what I tell to all the anglers that fish with me, that the fish are there swimming around, looking for food, and when they begin feeding, they will concentrate in the are where the bait is presented, where the most activity is, not necessarily on the roughest part of the bottom. Very interesting.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday

Some boats sailed on Sunday and fishing was normal for this time of year. Capt. Steve ran one of the Belmar party boats and found some life on wrecks in the Mudhole, but the water is very cold. If the weather breaks we feel another try in the deep water may be in the future. As for the game, it will be analyzed by all the experts and much will be debated about the outcome. It all comes down to one simple thing the coaches preach and I say every time I watch a football game. You have to play sixty minutes.