Monday, September 16, 2013

A Nice Late Summer Day

When we arrived at the park before 6am, it was still dark and the temp was 49 degrees. It was a taste of fall, both the weather and the fishing. We found some nice fluke and some bluefish, striped bass and weakfish to spice up the catch. Jack had a six pound fluke to narrowly beat Ken the Legend for the pool. Other highlights included Big Tom being hi-hook with three large fluke, five blues and a just short striped bass. Evelyn caught us a nice fluke for dinner that I can't wait to make with some of the fresh  produce we bought at the farmer's market. Joe N. had a good fluke and the largest weakfish, about five pounds. Roger had a big fluke that came unbuttoned half way up. Rebecca did not loose any rigs today, a first for the season. It was warm and sunny back at the dock, a fine end to the summer.

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