Monday, September 1, 2014

Holiday Weekend Fluke

Friday was a beautiful day on the water and the fishing matched. Vinnie A. had a pair of 6lbers. in his bag and Joe N. topped off his catch with a 7 1/2lber. Evelyn also added a 6lber. Ken "The Legend" added a limit. Saturday was Freezer Filler day, as Evelyn and I hosted Roger, Eileen, Mike, Cathy, and Big John for their annual holiday trip. Some limits were achieved and Eileen was the star of the day, landing three fluke over six pounds. Mission accomplished with a full five gallon pail of fillets at the end of the day! Sunday we set out with hopes of a repeat only to be greeted with a stiff wind and rough seas. We got back to the grounds and could only find shorts. Lots of them. It was not hard to catch thirty to forty fluke a person this weekend. At the end of the day the keepers turned on and Evelyn landed a 6lber. on what turned out to be the hottest day of the entire summer.

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