Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Doormat

Monday, Evelyn and I hosted Ken "The Legend", Big Tom, brothers Skip and "Mittens" Mike, and Kevin and Jerry Keller from Keller Electric ,Hoboken, NJ. The weather was beautiful, flat calm with no wind or rain, maybe just a little too hot, but it is still summer. We started in the bay and quickly threw a half dozen keepers in the boat before heading to the outside grounds for "action". Anyone that fishes with me knows that the big fish do not bite all the time and that the shorts are much more aggressive and jump on the baits, while the keeper size fish are more selective. The crew picked some quality fish among the shorts and then we had a drift when the big ones turned on. Jerry hooked into a fish he thought was the bottom, and landed our first doormat of the season at just over 10lbs. Skip hooked into his personal best a few moments later to land an 8lb. to go with the 6lber. he landed earlier. Skip and Mike had eight keepers in their bag and everyone went home with fillets. Congratulations to Jerry for a job well done. There are three more weeks left in the fluke season and they are biting now. Take advantage of this great summer weather because as Ken says "you will be shoveling snow before you know it." 

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