Monday, July 15, 2013

Strange Days

Friday was the best day of the season. Saturday was one of the worst. Capt. Fred had a limit plus with6lb 9oz being his largest. Joe N. had a plus limit also to 6lb 1oz. Evelyn limited to 5lb 12oz. and Ken "the legend" lead the way with a limit and our second largest of the year at 9lb 11oz. The next day the fish did not bite at all. Sunday the regulars picked away at a nice mess of keepers and a bunch of shorts and some weakfish. Roger had the biggest fluke at 7lb 1oz. Today the regulars came out looking for a repeat of Friday and the fish had lock jaw. Only a few keepers boated. The highlite of the day was a green sea turtle that came along side the boat for a visit. It makes no sense, you just have to be a little lucky to pick the right day.

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