Monday, July 8, 2013

Hot Summer Fluking

And hot it was. Some times I had to move the boat just to make a breeze! After a painfully slow day Wednesday, I went back to the same spots on the 4th and had good fishing. Ken the Legend topped off his limit with a 7lb.2oz. and Evelyn had a 5lb.14oz. and her limit. SAT. the all-star fluke crew was aboard with Anthony "The Barker", Damien, Skip, Mike "Mittens", Lenny and Joey the top deckhand on the CJ. Fluke flew over the rails all day and when the smoke cleared, Skip came out on top with a 5lb. just beating many fish almost the same size. Not the big Moe they were looking for but the hunt will continue! Sunday we were back at it with the regulars  and filled the cooler with fish up to 5lbs. Nice fishing in shallow water with lots of action. It seems like some bait moved into the area (I could read it on the scope) and the water cleared up after all the rain. This could be the start of something big.

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