Monday, July 13, 2015

The Beat Goes On

The same story, lots of shorts, fish in many places, and strong currents. I can't figure out why the current did not ease off after the full moon, but the strong currents in the deep water spots are messing up the fishing. We were picking some fish on an ocean spot and began to loose the drift. It was the end of the tide and I decided to try a deep spot less then a mile away and the drift there was 2.4 knots! When conditions get right, we should do well. "Jiggin'" Jack landed a 7 1/2lb. on a white bucktail and green gulp. Other weekend high-lites included Grumpy's 5lb. on a shrimp teaser and Tom P.'s huge 25 inch Sea Bass (estimated at over five pounds) from 15 feet of water that was released for this weeks opening day.

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