Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Report

Saturday started off with the thickest fog in a long time. I could not see the boat from the parking lot! We got off to a late start and had to creep to the fishing grounds. The plan was to fish for bass but with the bad weather I decided blackfishing would be a better choice. The grounds were packed with weekend boaters, so crowded we had to push other boats off by hand while fishing. Some boats did well and we managed a few dinners. Sunday, I was ready for the mob scene and anchored on our spot in the dark. Turned out it wasn't as bad as the day before with only about a dozen boats on the grounds. Fishing was much better with the regulars as they had a steady pick all day on one drop. Roger was the angler of the day landing the most big ones and the pool winner. Unless we get a storm or some local striped bass (there seems to be a bunch in the ocean), I don't think the blackfish will be able to handle all the pressure.

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