Friday, December 21, 2012

What a Day

Well, the world did not end, but it sure seems like it will with Robbins Reef Light reporting SE winds at 49 knots gusting to 65! That's the same as it was during hurricane Sandy. We did not get out yesterday to go wreck fishing so it was off to the trout streams with the number one guide Mike L. It was a beautiful day in the woods and also on the ocean as I was told. And the fish bit, the best we had all season. I had two Brook   Trout ( one was a trophy, over three pounds ), two Brown Trout, and five Rainbows! Mike worked the fly rod for two Brookies, a wild Brown and three Rainbows. It was funny to see how the fish bit hard during the high pressure and then shut down when the wind turned to the East and barometer started to fall, just like the fish do in the ocean. On the way home we stopped at the farmer's country store to pick up some holiday treats. Mike got a beautiful rib eye.

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