Monday, August 26, 2013

Cow Nosed Rays

We have been seeing schools of them on the fluke grounds and have had occasional hook ups but on Sunday they invaded the fishing grounds. You could see them swimming on the surface in groups all around the boat and we hooked up on our fluke rigs. They take off like a tuna on the initial run and averaged 20 to 30 pounds with some larger ones. Ken the legend battled a fifty pounder and exclaimed "Now I know how the Yankees feel, getting beat up by the Rays." A few hundred yards from the boat a large dark shadow slashed the surface and everyone asked if it was a  dolphin or whale, but appeared to me as a large predator feeding on the rays. Yikes! Oh, as far as the fluking, another nice day with some limits and healthy fillet bags. Ken won the pool with a five plus pounder.

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