Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Fine Winter Day

We left the dock in a stiff NW wind that gusted to 35 knots at times. Everyone was dressed like arctic explorers and the forecast was for the breeze to diminish so off we went. We set up on the grounds and did not have a bite for the first forty minutes but when the tide changed the bite started. Shots of fish all day long, most of them making the fifteen inch mark and we sent those "Jersey Shore" keepers back and kept a bushel basket of Pioneer sized keepers 4 to 8 lbs. I made the comment that it was the first day on the bay that felt like winter. The temperature never rose during the day and there was only one other boat on the grounds (that highliner and our part time mate, Dan C.). Back at the dock we sent everyone home with fillets and were treated to a beautiful sunset as we cleaned the boat. If the weather looks nice we may try one more time.

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