Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas in the Country

It was so nice on Friday we took a ride in the country. On our way to the trout streams and the country side, farms and mountains were all covered with snow. There was much more snow in Hunterdon county then we had at the coast. It was like a live Christmas card. The mild temperatures brought out many anglers and many of the popular spots were taken and you could not park along the stream due to the high snow banks. Some spots had lots of ice along the shore line and you had to be careful climbing down to the river in the snow. I got to fish in my favorite spot of the fall season and the fish were very active as I caught four out of about ten bites. I tried to get to some other spots later in the day but they were either inaccessible or occupied. Evelyn took some nice pictures of the winter wonderland and we headed home early.

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