Friday, January 31, 2014

National Geographic Day

The temperatures have been brutal all week and we have been resigned to watching what ever wildlife we can find from the truck. The seals have been reliable, showing themselves everyday down around the rocks across from the jetties. There has also been some Goldeneye, Canvassbacks, and horned grebe along with the other wintering water fowl. Today it got up to 32 degrees and we took a walk back behind the golf course. The whole area from the jetty back to the boat ramp is frozen over. Two crows were harassing a Red Tailed Hawk right over our heads, and were joined by a Northen Raven. While this commotion was going on I spotted the prize we have been searching for since November. Perched out on a big piece of ice in the marsh was the Snowy Owl. We got to get fairly close to him by staying hidden behind some brush and got a really good look and some pictures too.

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