Sunday, March 29, 2015

Baseball Season

Fishing season will have another late start (it's 26 degrees right now), but baseball will start right on schedule. This year looks to be exciting as most teams are evenly matched, more then ever. The era of big market, money spending teams dominating is over. An 87 or 88 win season is enough to get into the playoffs and as the Giants and Royals showed last year, anyone can win. The years of 70 home run hitters and PED's are past and now it is about power pitching bull pens. It seems every team has relievers throwing 95 mph. If you would have to pick the top five teams, you would come up with about fifteen you could not choose from. It looks like lots of fun. And as for the Yankees, they don't look much different then last year, with decent starting pitching, a good bull pen and a weak hitting line up. One bright spot is Alex Rodriquez, he has showed this spring that he is the best hitter on the team.

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