Sunday, June 21, 2015

Good Weather = Good Fluking

The problem is good weather has been rare this season. It may seem nice on the land, but the persistent east and south winds have made it tough out on the fishing grounds. The fish have not moved into the bay yet, and we have to take a little ride to the ocean to make a catch, and the wind becomes a big factor. Friday the wind was lite from the west and we had the best action of the season. It was mostly shorts but some one had a fish on the line all day long. Evelyn had three keepers and one of them will be the guest of honor at the dinner table today. Saturday was forecast to be a nice day, but we had a steady east wind that increased to over twenty knots. We tried to get outside, but had to retreat into the bay. We even tried striped bass fishing but only managed some shorts and missed bites. Tom K., Keith K., Steve, James, Joe, and the big pool winner "Staten Island" Tony had lots of fun despite the dreary weather. Today, I kept the boat on the wooden anchors. Heavy rain and a south east wind is not good for fluke fishing. On the bright side, some of the boats reported seeing some squid and if the squid move into the bay, the big fluke will follow.

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