Monday, September 28, 2015

Of Course We Went Fishing

It's Sunday, that's what we do. Every other boat was tied to the dock due to the strong NE wind, rough seas and the closure of the fluke season. Not us, there will be plenty of time to sit in front of the TV soon. The bay was kicked up with the wind and super moon current, so I stopped in a striper spot and all rods bent. Too bad they were all sand sharks. We did manage to land one small but spirited bluefish that ripped the reel from the lucky angler's rod. Next stop was on rough bottom to try for porgies and all we landed were a few oyster toadfish, some little sea bass and a four point buck. Well, we did not catch the deer, but he swam past the stern on his way back to shore (yes, they can swim). I just hope he made it up on the street. Around this time the wind died out and it turned into a nice day in the bay. We spent some time chasing little tunny and bluefish around but could not get any biters. Out came the lite rods and we caught a mess of big sea robins and little fluke which were released for the draggers to take this winter. On the last drift the "Legend" was almost pulled overboard from a savage strike and landed a ten pound blue to win the pool. You never know what you will see out there.

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