Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Winter Fishing Trip

We sailed yesterday with Capt. Steve on the new Skylarker. I can't say enough about the boat. It has to be the nicest charter boat on the coast, big clean and fast. It only took us an hour to get out to the cod grounds. There was no wind and a light swell when we arrived and made it hard to anchor. Around mid-morning the wind piped up to about fifteen knots from the SE and the cod started biting. Capt. Bubba from the statue ferry was high hook with six nice cod. I had three keepers and a short. Mark D. had some cod,  a blackfish, a ling , some sea bass and lost a big cod of about 20lbs. at the gaff. Tom the sinker man from Atlantic Highlands had the biggest cod, a solid 25 lber. Some of the other anglers did not do as well but everyone went home with a bag of fillets. We may get to go one more time before Capt. Steve stops sailing for the winter.

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