Friday, February 5, 2016

Strange Winter Weather

The weather was nice enough to allow some boats to fish this week. Temperatures reached sixty degrees in some places but now it is snowing again! The big storm two weeks ago stirred up the bottom and scattered the fish that were around last month. Even though the water temperatures are relatively warm for this late into the winter there has been a persistent ground swell since the storm and the fishing is slow. Some wrecks and rock piles produce a few bites and others are completely barren, which is typical for February. There are no ling around and only a few blackfish being caught. The mackerel and herring, as well as the cod that were beginning to show before the blizzard are no where to be found but should return when things settle down. Capt. Steve has some pictures from our last trip on the Skylarker web site, as well as some good shots of the new boat. The Ground Hog says spring is coming so I guess we will have to wait for better weather to plan our next trip.

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