Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Getting Closer

Sunday was a beautiful day and Skip and Ken "The Legend" stopped by the boat yard to lend me a hand on some finishing touches.  While driving over the bridge, we looked out over the bay and there must have been fifty boats out trying for stripers. Monday was forecast to be nice again, so Evelyn and I took a ride to see my old friend Capt, George on the Angler. I talked to some of the top striper captains on the dock in the morning and they told me the fishing stinks. All the bass on the internet reports seem to be caught trolling and the fish have not settled in yet. They should be ready when we start. As for the bottom fishing, Evelyn and I had two keeper blackfish and a dozen big ling in the cooler. I added a keeper cod to top off the fillet bag at the end of the day. Fish sandwiches this week.

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