Saturday, July 9, 2016

Friday Fun

It took a while for us to get started as we had poor drifting conditions early in the day. I tried some traditional big fluke spots and they still remain barren. I had the good fluke anglers aboard so I know if they were there we would have caught them. Late in the morning we back tracked up the bay and started to box some nice fish when Anthony "The Barker" declared he had a big one on his light spinning rod and small jig. BOOM BOOP BOP , our largest of the season so far came aboard at 28 inches and 8.5LBS. We went looking in another big fish spot and the "Legend" proceeded to land his limit. Around this time "Tugboat" Fred hooked into a "huge" fluke. The fish came to the surface and it was hard to see in the afternoon glare and as I attempted to scoop him from the depths, the net let go with a resounding crack and all we were left with was a broken net. "Tugboat" estimated that the fish was "somewhere in the six to fourteen pound range." The "Legend" ran up to the tackle shop to see if he could replace the broken net (to which he will be sending Fred the bill) but they did not have one. Back at it this weekend one net down.

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