Monday, October 24, 2016

Lots of Weather

Friday started off warm and muggy. We got to the fishing grounds and the fog came down thick. The forecast called for a chance of showers but some of the more experienced anglers on board did not believe it as they left their rain gear home. The weatherman forgot to mention that it was a pretty damn good chance as it rained all day. A steady pick on the shorts, a few nice boxers and a couple of jumbos busted off. The high-light of the day was Evelyn catching a seven pound little tunny on a ten pound spinning outfit after two trips around the boat. When we returned to the dock it was sunny and hot and all the drowned turkeys dried out. Sunday started off differently as the temperature was in the forties when we headed out in the dark. On the fishing grounds it was not bad but chilly. We had plenty of bites but few keepers. Around ten in the morning the wind piped up and by noon it was blowing a gale. I decided to call the trip and we took a slow ride home, throwing spray over the wheelhouse as the wind gusted to over forty knots.

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