Monday, June 26, 2017

Fluke Trip

I would like to thank all my old friends from the Pioneer for traveling down the Jersey shore to hunt fluke aboard the Skylarker. It was a fun day, with lots of good stories and laughs. The fishing left a lot to be desiered as the bite was off and we did as well or better then all the other boats in the fleet. If we were able to keep sea bass, it would have been a good trip. Everyone caught keeper sized bass and threw some real nice ones back because of the punitive regulations. Eugene Sr. had a fun day catching and told me at the end of the trip, he caught eight fluke and thirteen sea bass and had nothing to go home with. Young Michael P. did a good job landing two keeper fluke and some real nice sea bass. Our old friend John Carrier won the big pool with a four pound fluke after loosing seven rigs. I will keep an eye on the flukes, but our next trip may be ling fishing.

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