Sunday, August 19, 2018

This Crazy Summer

This has been one of the craziest summers ever. We have had all kinds of rain, floods, wind and rough seas. And that's only the weather. The fishing has been all over the place. The ocean bottom is covered with sea bass, you can stop the boat on open bottom and catch jumbos. Fluke bite some days and hide on others. Plenty of porgies and triggerfish inshore. Lot's of tuna offshore when you can get there. Huge schools of bunker and big chub mackerel with whales and other things feeding on them. We have had anglers fishing off the bottom and filling coolers with mackerel. We have had crystal clear canyon water right to the beach. The other afternoon a big whale was coming out of the water near the boat with mouthfuls of bunker. The boat next to us was returning from the fluke grounds and came across a white water school of feeding fish and threw jigs to them and hooked up... with tuna! Only two miles from the beach! And I heard those fifty pounders were still there yesterday. While we were drifting amongst the bunker schools yesterday, I saw a large fish swim towards the stern and as I walked back to see it, the anglers started yelling "shark" and I looked over the stern to see a full grown, jumbo sized cobia of about sixty to seventy pounds that gave me the finger and cruised away. Wow, there are bonito and Spanish mackerel in the surf! And a Long Island fluke boat had two dozen Mahi the other day. Yep, just crazy.

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