Friday, May 17, 2019

Spring Fishing

Winter returned a little this week. A try at crabbing produced lots of smalls and only a few keepers, but we are glad to see them this early. Yesterday, we made a trip to our favorite back-water beach spot. The plan was to fish on the bass early and then scout for fluke as the tide dropped. There were only a few regulars out, and the forecast called for sunny and 74 degrees. At 6am the temperature was only 53 and there were some sprinkles around. Fishing started of slow and after about a half hour, I landed a nice sized schoolie striper after a spirited, drag running fight. The sky darkened to the west and we continued fishing through a lite rain shower. It looked like the day would brighten and we caught another bass and a blue as another shower approached and it started to rain lightly. And it kept raining, to the point we were soaked and freezing. My partner was disappointed and wanted to continue fishing, be we retreated to the truck as the steady rain increased to a down pour. I put the heat on high to dry out and headed for home. Ten miles up the road, there was bright sunshine, blue sky and a beautiful day. You never know what you will get in the spring.

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