Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Hurricanes, Sea Bass and Tuna

 We just had another hurricane pass the Jersey shore but not in the traditional way. The storm came from inland after devastating the gulf, and brought rough seas and lots of rain. It passed quickly and the ocean has already calmed down. Sea bass opened last week with mixed results. It wasn't the lights out fishing of spring as you had to cull through all the small ones, but most did well. Lots of big porgies, triggers and blues in the mix as the big boats are already fishing 15 to 30 miles off. Friday was a nice day and all boats sailed. "Candy Bar Mike" shared some of his limit catch with us for a nice fish fry. There have been bluefin tuna feeding on bunkers around the three mile mark all summer and now some of the 100 to 200 lbers are hitting the decks of boats looking for stripers.

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