Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

The weather was as good as it could be for this time of year and we started off Friday with plans of catching big blackfish. The blackfish had other plans. We got to the grounds and waited for the bite to start and waited and waited...finally giving in and trying for stripers on the local grounds and after an hour of that, threw in the towel. Saturday I had a crew of big blackfish hunters looking for the hot fishing they had last week. Onboard were Saint Pete, Frankie, Jerry,  Randy, Ken and Felix. Started on the blackfish grounds and quickly decided a change in plans was needed. We headed out to the ocean and were greeted with diving birds and striped bass. The guys caught some schoolies and keepers and then we made a drop for blacks. The new moon current made the fishing nearly impossible. We caught a few and then fought the extreme current all the way home. Sunday I told the crew to be ready for bass. Out to the Tin Can Grounds were the bass  and birds were blitzing on sand eels. Rebecca did very well after traveling all night to get to the boat. Thanks for the gift. Mike L. got his first ever striper. Roger did very good as usual when it comes to jigging and boated the largest bass at 14lbs. Ken caught a lot of fish up to 30 inches. Evelyn was the angler of the day. It seemed she had a fish on every drift all day long. Big Tom had lots of fun when not complaining about various ailments. The ice on the dock in the morning reminded me that it,s time to put the boat away for the winter, time to fish on the big boats, we will start up again in April. We will be catching fluke before you know it.

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