Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Report

Saturday started off dark, cold and windy but we were going blackfishing because there are plenty of days coming soon for shoveling snow and watching the Weather Channel. Onboard were Dan, Doug and Patrick and they had a good day with quite a few 5 and 6lb. fish. Sunday was much nicer as the wind died out and the sun was shining when we left the dock. The fishing varied during the day from slow to a pick to very good. Everyone caught a mess of blackfish but Big Tom was the star of the day with a 6 1/2lb. and 11 1/2lber. our largest of the season. Ken had some 5and 6lbers. Roger's best was a six, Evelyn had a 6lber. Capt Fred caught a bunch (I know I gaffed at least one) and Rebecca went home with a nice bag of fillets.

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