Monday, July 16, 2012

What a Weekend

Friday was a beautiful day on the bay and we threw some quality fluke in the boat. Lots of fun and very relaxing. Saturday was the opposite as 70 boats from all points on the compass converged on the "pioneer banks". Weekend boaters and googans that had to run around full throttle, causing choppy seas from their wakes and refusing to move for shipping traffic even when being warned by the Coast Guard! The last word on the radio was that the USCG was looking for the organizers of the fishing tournament. I was happy to get off the boat after that flying s#*t show. Sunday was back to normal as the regulars got back to work and had another "deck dump" of 4 to 6 lbers. Very busy this week but some weekdays still available this month. Don't miss out on the best fluke run in six years.

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