Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Holiday Weekend Report

The weather was not the best which is typical of Labor Day Weekend. Sunday started out a little choppy but settled down and we were able to try some different spots. Fishing was slow but we found some keepers up to Roger's four pounder and had a pretty good bite in the channel at the change of tide. Monday, the plan was to go back to the channel but a stiff east wind stopped us by the bridge and we spent the day in the bay. It was good to fish with old friends on our annual trip. Mike, Kathy, Not So Big Anymore John, Roger and Eileen had fun despite catching few keepers. There was life in the bay but it seems the bigger fish have moved out and we will have to fish outside when the weather allows. I may spend some time next week looking for some striped bass and bluefish. Lets see what the weather brings.

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