Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day Update

As far as going fishing, there is nothing to report. The park is still technically closed, although they are allowing boat owners and commuters in after they pass a check point. As far as getting around, we went to Brooklyn today with not much of a problem. Most detours were on local streets due to repairs being made and traffic was at a stand still at times. The water in the bay did not appear too dirty, but debris was visible everywhere. Gasoline is still a pain but the lines are getting shorter. I checked out five gas stations and only found one open and had to wait fifteen minutes to the pump. A passer by shouted out to the police officers that all the stations outside the Holland Tunnel were open with no lines. He replied that he knew and didn't care and he was going to be there all day. By the way, the car in front of me on line took five dollars worth.

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