Saturday, November 3, 2012

Three Hour Walk

We started out walking to check out the gas lines and just kept going. Police had streets closed and were detouring traffic around gas stations. There was even a four block long line to a gas station that was closed. The bakery was open so we grabbed some goods and continued on to the farmers market at Van Vorst Park. The farmer said out west, near the PA border, fuel was not an issue and they had no problems. We bought some good stuff and continued on towards the boat. The foot bridge at Jersey Ave. was totally destroyed, so we made our way east along the light rail tracks. We got to see the destruction first hand. Homes and business flooded, family's possessions piled in dumpsters, it really struck home. The height the water reached so far from the bay was incomprehensible. The marina on the North side of the canal, behind Surf City was demolished. Across the canal we could see the Pioneer in the slip and the crew cleaning up the marina. We started the long trek home through Downtown and up the hill. I will never complain about going up the hill again.

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