Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Super Moon

I will be glad to see it go, due to the strong currents preventing us from fishing in the deep spots. On the other hand it did seem to get the bait and fish moving. Sunday was forecast to be windy from the south (again) and I did not feel like things were in our favor. I tried to stay local but did not find any bites and headed outside. We worked some structure and picked some nice fish. When the tide got right and the fish started biting, on came the wind. By the end of the drift we were rocking and rolling and cries of "Watch the Gulp!" were heard over the breeze. Back to calm sheltered waters, and Rebecca landed an 8 1/2lber. to add to the three others in her catch. We ended with fifteen keepers despite the conditions. Monday was a much nicer day. There was no wind and calm seas. On board were Tom K., Bob, Tony, Joe N., Randy, and the "Legend". The story of the day was all the big fish that came unbuttoned on the way up. Everyone had their chances but Tom made his count landing the 7 1/4lb. pool winner. Randy lost a huge fish in the morning and was talking to himself all day. "Staten Island" Tony also had a monster come off half way up. We ended up with enough for everyone to take some home and a pod of dolphins  came around the boat at the end of the day to wish us a nice ride home. On a side note, all pool winnings were paid at the end of the trip.

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