Saturday, July 12, 2014

Things are Getting Tough Out There

Friday was a beautiful day on the bay and onboard was "Tugboat" Fred and our friends from PA, Ken K., Cory K., and young Cory K. out for his first fishing trip. Ken the "Legend" came along to manage things and help fill the cooler as well as retired Bergen county detective Rich E. The fishing has become a struggle again after being pretty good earlier in the week. Capt Fred redeemed himself after recent poor showings and had two fish in the box by 9 AM, a 5lb and 7lb. Ken K. had a 6lb. as his largest and lost a much bigger fish in the afternoon that could have been Big Moe. Rich missed a few bites on the bucktail but did much better with a conventional rig and antique reel to go home with a solid 4lb. Cory and young Cory, fished hard and had fun but only managed shorts. They did a good job. Grumpy threw in and landed a 7lb. beauty on 12lb. test line in 11 feet of water. The fish took off down drift like a gamefish, what a fight. The "Legend" only had shorts and when we got back to the dock, took off like a shot. Maybe he had to get a parking spot or pick up the kids from school. What ever the reason when it came time to pay "Tug boat" the pool money for his big fish, we found that Ken ran away with all the loot. Rich E. immediately issued an APB and an arrest warrant, and hopefully the perp is now in custody. Stay tuned to this developing story.

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