Saturday, October 28, 2017

Changing Weather

We are now getting the real fall weather, beautiful days with cool mornings and mild afternoons, set between storms, cold fronts and gales weekly. Friday was one of those days, with the temperature reading 36 degrees when we left the house for the beach. The dink blackfish and sea bass ate up our crab supply so we headed out to the point to explore. Fishing from the land is new to us and it is very interesting learning the water. There are holes, ridges, bars, snags and other structure that hold fish, just like anywhere else in the ocean. We walked out to the point and worked the water for whatever we could find. Snapper blues were abundant, but were very finicky and only wanted the spearing they were feeding on, but would occasionally tear up the gulp and bigger ones would grab the jig. I was on a mission for a late season fluke, I want to see how long I could still catch one from the land. Evelyn was casting in to a deep hole behind the bar and had two redfish cruise along the beach but could not get them to bite. As I worked the jig back up a ledge, I wondered what I could have gotten snagged on so close in when it started shaking and running down tide. I was happy to see a twenty inch fluke that I played down the beach and landed for a quick photo and release. I will not get into how I feel about the regulations, but that fluke would have made a fine dinner. Looks like bad weather the next few days, but the long range show more mild days ahead.

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