Friday, November 17, 2017

Opening Day

It really should not be called opening day. Maybe increase day or something like that would be more appropriate as the blackfish season has been open since July, but the bag limit went up to six yesterday. Rain in the morning kept the turn out low, as we had a bunch of no-shows, and all but the striped bass boats had light crowds. The ocean had a southerly swell in the early morning, but soon the wind turned to the west and the rain stopped and the seas flattened to make it a rather nice day. Fishing was the typical pick, those that worked hard ( I can't stress the importance of changing the bait enough) did well. Everyone had a few nice fish and I had a big one that ran to the bow and shaved off on the rocks and we will be trying to get him on the next trip. West winds bring calm seas and good fishing. Stay tuned for the next trips, we will sail on all nice weather days.

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