Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Winter and Flounder, Snow and Snowy Owls

We set up for flounder fishing Monday morning, and had to put some time in to get our limits. We headed to the beach after that, with the intentions of some bass fishing. The tide was very low and a change of plans was made to do some exploring. On a hunch, I checked out a spot and found our first Snowy owl of the winter on top of a dune about 300 feet away. Tuesday, the plan was to grab the flounders right away and get to the beach while there was still some tide. Well, you know how that goes, Evelyn had a limit and I only had one bite in three hours and lost that jumbo lifting it over the wall. When we got to the beach, the west wind had the water blown out but I tried some spots anyway and had one bump on a lure. The birds were working about 3/4 of a mile of the beach in a beautiful flat calm ocean. We explored some trails and dunes, and did not find much of interest, except some snow geese on the bay. The snowy moved to higher dunes to the south to escape a group of bird watchers. Fresh flounder fillets make some nice dinner and we put away a pack for Christmas Eve.

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