Friday, December 22, 2017

Winter Fishing

We tried a trip out to the mudhole wrecks, looking for some Christmas treats. Lots of dogfish were encountered, and we had to pick through the short sea bass to get a handful of keepers, some ling and a few jumbo porgies. The sunrise was spectacular and the dolphin show on the way home was as good as it gets with many of them riding the bow and jumping around the boat. At day break, we saw some birds working tight to the water on what looked like bluefin tuna. The inshore boats reported lots of striped bass. We will sail as long as the weather holds out and will run open boat blackfish trips every Friday in January, fishing deep wrecks in search of trophies. Over the last few years many super jumbos were landed on these trips, like Capt Howard's 20lber.

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