Monday, January 22, 2018

A Change in the Weather

Saturday afternoon was so pleasant, that after taking a long walk, we sat in the back yard for a while, taking in the sunshine. Sunday morning we took a ride to the woods and hiked some trails. Quite a few people were out enjoying the day. We found some Tundra swans and a lone Merlin out on the bogs. Back at the house, our two little resident deer were making their daily visit to the grass in the yard. The boat was out today, but I haven't spoken to the skipper yet so I don't have a report. The bay is clear of ice but this is the time of year when the water gets cold and the fish don't always bite. I heard the mackerel fishing was good and cod were caught out at Montauk. We are watching for a weather window and should be out again towards the end of the week.

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