Saturday, January 27, 2018

Waiting for Spring

We made our way offshore yesterday for our last winter trip. Cold and calm, it was nice to be on the ocean and we steamed thirty miles offshore to try some wrecks. A few cod and blackfish came aboard along with a bunch of silver eels and ocean pout. All the big draggers from Cape May and Point Judith were working over the mackerel schools in the Mudhole and we spent the last hour filling coolers and baskets with the tasty treats. Whales and dolphins put on a show for the ride home. A few boats will keep sailing for the winter. The Skylarker will start again in April for the inshore blackfish bite. The last few seasons we did very well that time of year on the 50 to 90 foot spots, fishing with clams. I will give everyone a call when it's time to go.

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