Saturday, June 30, 2018

Summer Daze

Summer is settling in along the Jersey shore. Along with all the good things, it is also time to take the Lancaster county farmers fishing. Just to give you an idea, while anchoring the other day, Capt Steve announced over the PA that the wreck we would be fishing was an old barge. One of the young dirt farmers proceeded to ask "What does he mean by a barge?" And if that wasn't enough, a young girl reeled a mussel up from the bottom and happily declared "I caught an almond!" Like I always say, you can't make this stuff up. Well at least the fishing is good. Plenty of nice ling, lots of big sea bass (we can keep them again starting Sunday) and an occasional big flounder, pollock or whiting. Yesterday, Evelyn and I went in search of the blue claw crab from a local dock. Two and a half hours later, thirty-one keepers went into the basket. Yep, it's summer all right.

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