Friday, January 16, 2015

A Break in the Weather

A little window of moderate wind and temperatures allowed us to get out fishing yesterday. Onboard the Skylarker were an all- star cast of captains and mates looking to shake off the cabin fever. The day started off cold with snow flurries and a lumpy ocean. The fishing was typical for January, with some spots completely barren, others over run with dogfish, and a few holding some life. As the day wore on the seas moderated and the bite improved. We picked at some blackfish and small cod and finished the day with enough for a few dinners. J.R. landed a 12lb. blackfish, and Randy had an 11lb. in his limit plus catch. Mark had the hot hand on the cod landing some keepers and shorts. The ice in Atlantic Highlands harbor is gone, so Capt. George will resume sailing this week, and Capt. Steve may want to try again now that I helped him get dialed in on the fish and he is done chasing rainbows.

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