Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow Storm

The worst of the storm missed us by less then 100 miles. Buoy reports are showing 25 foot seas on Jefferies Ledge, the fishing grounds off New Hampshire. The communities along Cape Cod Bay are being pounded like we were during hurricane Sandy. I feel for the folks up there, but back home, the media continues to entertain us. Yesterday, they called for the end of the world, the worst storm in history and three feet of snow. Today they are asking public officials if they over reacted. You can't make this up. I think closing the major roads was a good idea. If you remember the day after Christmas storm in 2010, people got stuck on major highways and abandoned their vehicles and it hampered the clean up and kept the road closed for days. Well we just have to be grateful it was not as bad as the people in New England and Long Island are dealing with. I heard the yuppies in Hoboken were disappointed and were trying to return the eggs, milk and bread to the A&P for a refund.

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